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From the experience gained over the years in the wedding reportage, I created The Studio Walter karuc Photographic Studio. La passione per la fotografia. A solid experience in the field. And an eye trained to capture the most subtle details and emotions. Are the distinctive elements shaping the photographic vision of my studio.

Always experimenting in image creation and enhancement

Given the success achieved by the studio over the last few years, I now employ the help of several colleagues and partners. Who like me, are committed to their own personal growth and to the growth of the studio itself. The great care and professional attitude we use to photograph and film special events. Our ability to interpret the taste and wishes of the bride and groom have resulted in the creation of elegant and sophisticated photoshoots The attention to details and the special care in selecting the materials used for photo albums. Their graphic layout allow us to create beautiful and timeless handcrafted products, whose high quality can satisfy even the most discerned customer.

The images and videos, that capture the emotions and beauty of those special moments, create a visual tale rich of true magic and passion.

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Biography of Walter Karuc

Walter Karuc (link Fanpage) was born in Rome on a bright February day in 1972 and his first memory was the blinding flash of his father’s Agfamatic camera, capturing the precious gift of his toothless smile.

He grew up during the years when television had just discovered the use of colors and images had become softer and more refined. This is when, with his first camera, a compact Kodak, which he had received as a gift at the age of twelve, he began capturing the most memorable moments spent with family and friends. He tried to recreate in his pictures the beauty he saw around him.

With his first real camera, which he got somewhat fortuitously, he jumped at the chance of turning  a hobby into a profession. He took his passion and transformed it into an opportunity for personal growth and fulfilment. That’s when he decided to engage in professional photography. Developing a substantial experience both in Italy and abroad, especially in the field of event and wedding photography, mastering both technique and composition, and developing an increasingly personal style.

During this growth process, Photographer Name paired up with established photographers and worked with important photography studios, especially in the Rome area, where he became known as a knowledgeable and versatile professional and where he promoted his images and work with great competence and passion. With his trusted Nikon, and thanks to his high-quality professional equipment, he is able to harmoniously combine all the elements that bring his images to life, by personally selecting the staging, location, and lighting, and experimenting with those unique shots that turn his photoshoots into true visual tales.

As a well-established professional, he has been participating to various conventions, specifically those centered on the new fashions and trends in wedding photography, where he has showcased his work in front of a wider audience and has received positive reviews not only for his technical qualities, but also for his warm personality and ability to connect with the people in front of him, understanding their dreams and needs and capturing their vibrant energy through his photos.

And now let these photos do the talking, because the story continues and we want the images to visually tell us about it